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6 Tips For A Perfect Valentine’s Celebration

After sharing tips on how to go through Valentine’s when single in our last week’s article, we will share with you six tips for the perfect valentines celebration this week.

1. Flowers

Roses are perhaps the most romantic and appropriate choice for this celebration, however, you could always go out of the typical way and surprise your partner with their favourite flower or plant. Of course getting the two is always better.

2. Add some chocolate

Not just any chocolate, the convenient thing nowadays is that you can find hundreds of types and shapes tailored for this occasion. You could even engrave your initials on the box. Chocolate covered fruits are also very original and a healthy choice.

3. Intimate dinner

Rather than going somewhere packed with tables of two, organise dinner at home or in a much more intimate and discrete venue your partner would not expect you to book. If you are cooking, try to put together a tasting meal rather than a heavy one, as you would want to feel light for the rest of the evening…

4. Candles

If you and your partner are candle lovers you know exactly what to do. If not, we suggest you make an exception for that evening, it will surely create a very romantic atmosphere. You could also buy massage candles and use them later on when the oil has melted…

5. Lingerie 

We talk about this very often, but ladies this is one of the sexiest surprises you can probably put together. For this occasion we suggest you go all red! if of course the colour suits you. If not, black always works.

6. Breakfast in bed 

Surprising your partner should be a two way habit. If your loved one organised a beautiful evening for the celebration, you should surprise them by preparing a cute and thoughtful breakfast in bed, add a written love note thanking them.


We wish you an exquisite Valentine’s celebration!