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6 Ways To Better Cope With Confinement When Single 

Dear Singletons, 

This week I wanted to put together some advice/tips to go through this lockdown when single. 

First of all, some of you might be happy being locked in alone. Some might be even excited to have all this me time. The last thing we want here, is to stereotype all single people and their preferences. Therefore, in this article we will be mainly focused on helping out the single who would want a partner and more importantly who are not copping so well with being home alone. 

Many single people were dating actively before this lockdown. What is happening is indeed sad, scary and definitely unfortunate in terms of timing. You might have met great people in your dating experience. However not the one ‘’YET’’ Yet is a key word here. You need to repeat this to yourself as many times as you feel you need to hear it. You are locked in sure, but not forever. So, how about being positive and getting ready to meet the love of your life when we are finally out! 

Here are six tips that will get you out of this lockdown positive and motivated about life and love.

1. Pause, reflect and assess. 

Start with asking yourself a very simple question. What do I want? We often tend to neglect that question, in fact we think more about what society wants, What family or friends want and what would they think about the person I choose! During this time, it is best to ignore what anyone else thinks of you and your choices, especially when it comes to the most important aspect of your life. Forget any influence you might have had over the years and think of what your heart really wants. 

A good exercice would be to write down the criteria you usually look for in a romantic interest, versus what you actually need and value.

2. The past shall remain the past 

Sure you are alone, feeling lonely and wish someone was there! The Ex is perhaps the easiest option at this stage. Bad idea!! Don’t look back! if you are no longer together, there must have been good reasons you two separate. It is very different to decide to get back together after realising that you belong together and getting back together in a situation where it is most likely desperation and loneliness pushing you to it.

3. Work on yourself 

We all have some work to do. When single, the good thing is that we have more time to do so. If you need coaching/therapy go for it now, if you need to simply rest, perfect timing. Review your criteria, review your past relationships and understand if there was pattern there that needs changing. Get to know yourself better, enjoy your own company and nurture yourself. 

Many forget to do so due to a hectic lifestyle. This is your chance to reset, think, improve and come out a better version of yourself. 

4. You are not the only one alone 

When something affects us, we tend to dramatise and forget the bigger picture. here are some numbers that will hopefully make you feel less lonely.

In the UK (population of 67 million in 2020) one in five is single and lives alone. much more are single, however in a younger age group, therefore might share a house or still live with their parents/siblings. The rest of the single are either separated or divorced. 

The point of this is simply to remind you that you are not alone to feel the way you do. 

5. We are in this together 

You might be physically alone, but how lucky are we to be able to communicate with family/friends/colleagues etc. it is totally understandable to be scared and wonder if someone will take care of you.

If you get sick, you will always have someone checking on you, dropping you food and meds. This is what friends are for, not just socialising when everything is fine. Stop worrying and trust humanity and your friendships. 

6. Don’t sit there and wait 

Do something about your love life. Don’t use Covid-19 as an excuse. Whether you are usually out there dating and trying new ways, or not doing that much about your romantic life, this the time to think about what you can do, what else you can try, what you can change! There is so much one can reflect and work on. 

Whether you are a member at Hera-elite, a potential member or if you have never heard of us. Please feel free to give us a call or email us. We are in this together and we are more than happy to help, advice and cheer you up.