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5 Reasons Why Some Couples Are Stronger As Time Goes On

We all know couples who go through a lot, unfortunately, we hear more often about these couples who didn’t make it, rather than couples who manage to strengthen their relationship and build a stronger union year after year.

1. Gratitude

Taking your partner for granted is perhaps the worse thing you could do to your relationship. Showing appreciation for what they do for you and your couple instead, is very crucial. Researchers from the university of Georgia found that feeling appreciated and knowing that your spouse values you directly, influences how you feel about your mariage and your belief that it will last.

2. Attentiveness 

Close couples know how to listen to each other, sometimes, your partner needs you to listen and have an input, opinions and so on. However, other times they just need someone they can talk to with no filters and you will just need to be attentive and reassure them if needed.

3. Sexual Intimacy

Smart couples understand that relationships can be difficult at certain times, intimacy can significantly help couples go through difficulties and keep the bond together. Being sexually satisfied is highly related to a good quality of life. The increase of sex raises your sense of well-being and surely strengthens your relationship due to the amount of oxytocin released during sex and kissing.

4. Compromise

You can be madly in love, yet have different needs or aspirations. Taking and not giving back is the perfect recipe for failure. It might last years but one day the giver will be tired of giving and will eventually stop giving, this is usually when the receiver who did not give much doesn’t understand why they aren’t receiving anymore and why they are now supposed to give. A balanced life is about compromise, be considerate of your partner’s needs and stand up for yours.

5. Make your marriage a priority

If your goal is to have a resilient marriage, you need to make it your priority. Your partner is not just your spouse, but your lover, your life partner, your best friend and the person you should trust the most. Many things can get in a way, life, kids, career, health issues. Having such a bond with your life partner during difficult moments will strengthen your union even more and you would always be dealing with it all as a team.