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6 Tips For Confined Couples

Being confined alone is not easy. However, for all of you who might be thinking that it is much easier with someone. Think again.. it isn’t the case for every couple out there. Regardless of their relationship longevity or how well they get on. Many couples will find this confinement extremely challenging. 

We have selected six crucial tips to keep your sanity and your relationship during this confinement. 

1. Pyjamas are not your friends

No matter how long you have been together and how comfortable you might feel with one another. This is not a time to befriend all the pyjamas in your wardrobe. Sure, you are not going to wear a suit or a gown to work from home. However, a balance can be easily found. Dress casually but with care. Make an extra effort on the weekend. That effort  can be your cool pair of jeans, a sexy lipstick. Anything will surely be appreciated these days.

2. Do not change how much you interact during the day 

If you usually interact to discuss certain topics in the evening, things related to your household, admin or anything else really. Do not change these habits, especially if you are busy working from home. Do not add pressure to your work day with issues that were not part of your day, but rather part of your evening or weekend.

3. Respect each other space 

If you are both working from home, by now you should have set up a good wfh routine. If that isn’t the case yet. I highly advice you to do so. the ideal set up would be working from different rooms/floors. Unfortunately not everyone can do that,  the idea here is to be able to separate your wfh time and rest of the time at home.

4. Be more patient with one another 

During these unprecedented times, everyone is more frustrated, irritated, worried, scared and so on. Work on your patience. Understand that if your partner is initiating arguments out of nowhere, they might not feel too well about all this. Try to reassure them and remind them that you are in this together and shall remain united. 

5. Spend more quality time together 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spend more time together, get closer. Make the time for more intimate moments. Learn new ways to entertain yourself as a couple. Communicate more, listen more and work on your future together. 

6. If needed seek counseling 

Unfortunatelly, for many couples across the globe this confinement has been disastrous. The amount of abuse has spiked up massively, helplines have been put in place in many countries. If you feel your relationship is suffering, do not hesitate to seek help. The confinement might be very difficult to adapt to. However, if you have a solid relationship you shall be fine. If things have been going extremely south, both of you should ask yourselves the right questions starting by are you happy together? does your relationship makes sense? can you save it?