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Sexual Confidence

Confidence is perhaps the sexiest personality trait one can have. Being sexually confident is extremely appealing and might in some cases hold the relationship together. We therefore, selected five tips to help you boost your sexual confidence.

1. Never fake an orgasm

This is the worst thing you could do to your sexuality, your partner’s and your self-confidence. Research has shown that a higher percentage of women admit faking orgasms. However, one in four men admitted having faked an orgasm at least once.

Faking an orgasm is a sign of a lack of intimacy and self-confidence. It is much more constructive to simply voice it to your partner, if you expect your partner to get to know you sexually, you both have to be an open book in the bedroom.

2. Accept and love your body

It can be extremely challenging to have a harmonious sexual life if you are not happy with your body. We strongly advise you to embrace your body, you can always improve by taking care of your health and working on yourself inside and out.

3. Set your limits

We all have different needs and perceptions of the sexual act, sometimes your partner can be turned on by something that is not your cup of tea, exploring new territories is not necessarily a bad idea. On the other hand, forcing yourself to please your partner is not a good idea. If your needs are not fulfilled and limits not respected, you might feel frustrated and lose some of your sexual confidence.

4. Practice

The lack of sexual experience triggers shy behaviours in bed and erects boundaries. Having more sex with your partner will make your shyness disappear with time and allows you to explore new things. Learn to be creative and let your imagination guide you.

5. Sexual education

Learn about sexuality generally speaking, first understand your body, what you are most sensitive to and what is unappealing to you. Then, your partner’s body, what they are into and what they find uncomfortable. This will certainly increase your intimacy and make it more pleasurable.