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The Science Behind Hugs

We often hug someone when we are happy, excited and thankful. Sometimes when we are not so happy, sad, depressed, anxious and so on. No matter how we feel, hugging is highly comforting and universal.

We have listed below five science backed facts that occur to us while hugging.

1. Goodbye anxiety

Hugs release dopamine, which helps depression and mood disorders. When feeling anxious or down we produce less dopamine, therefore hugging is a natural medicine.

2. Pain relieving

Hugging releases endorphins which helps to block the pain naturally, not just physical pain, but also emotional pain, bringing some comfort one needs when in pain.

3. Positive feelings

Hugs release oxytocin which creates a stronger bond, a better connection and trust. We also feel supported and loved.

4. Hugs boost your immune system

In a study by Robert Murphy, professor at University of Carnegie Mellon. Participants were exposed to a common cold virus and were then monitored in quarantine to assess different signs of illness in each group. The study found that those who felt emotionally and socially supported, who were hugged more often experienced less-severe signs of illness.

5. Hugging strengthens your relationship

In a relationship, it is easy to take your partner for granted or forget to show your affection, especially if you are going through a rough time. The lack of communication or intimacy can sometimes be replaced by touching and holding your partner, this could help you find each other again.