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6 Tips To Heat Up Your Relationship

We can never talk enough about intimacy and sexuality. 
Even the most sexually active couples can get into a routine, a routine that can be great and fulfilling. However, breaking it and adding some spice to it from time to time, will not only be beneficial to your intimacy, but also to your relationship. 

1. Foreplay

Life can get very busy and days very long, therefore, sex can easily become mechanical and unconsciously timed. Make the time to play more, no matter the form of foreplay you wish to go for. The idea is to spend more time teasing one another before having sex. 

2. Talk about sex 

Talking about sex and remembering intense moments can boost your sexual appetite. 
You could also discover new fantasies and explore them together. 

3. Pretend to be strangers 

Pretending to be strangers and flirting with one another can be a very big turn on to many, you could even choose a character and play that role, get to know each other again. Recreating the chase feeling can be very arousing. 

4. Surprise your partner

Welcoming your partner naked at the door is an idea that works for both men and women, ladies, not wearing much under a coat in a restaurant and letting them know will surely tease them. 

5. Be creative 

Anything works, whether you are into photography, filmography, exploring outdoors and so on…We highly recommend letting your imagination take over from time to time and enjoy something very different, in order to break your everyday routine. 

6. Sext 

In the beginning of a relationship sexting is usually natural, since you are not seeing your partner every day. Therefore,  not having sexual intercourse that often. when you settle down together, try and keep the sexting going. It will turn you both on and enhance your sex life.