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7 Reasons Why You Need Hera-elite

1. A bespoke introduction Service

We all have preferences, whether they are intellectual, ethnical, physical, cultural or religious. It is often difficult to voice them as we are usually worried about coming across as close-minded. Even online you will only be able to filter the age range and location.
Our membership offers you a tailored service and we would always work closely with you. Defining your criteria together is key to setting you up with a partner who best fits your criteria.

2. We operate globally

Your career might include a lot of traveling, therefore, you might be interested in dating in different locations. Since we operate internationally, we can accommodate your needs wherever you are.

3. We take your privacy very seriously

Unlike any dating website, apps and so on, we would never put any of your data online. Same for your pictures. Non-disclosure agreements are signed by all members of staff as well as members you will be dating. So, the least we can say is that you are properly covered on all fronts.

4. Time is money and you won’t be wasting it anymore

Whether you are on online platforms and apps, attending social gatherings regularly to meet someone or getting introduced by friends or family. You are spending a lot of hours and energy online, small chatting to one too many first dates, or sharing your frustration or bad experience with your friends. Many surveys have shown that the average dating app user spends about 80min per day online.
Our team does that for you but also knows better who you can fit with. We will only direct you toward partners with whom you are highly likely to get along with.

5. We respect your criteria

Your mother, best friend or colleagues will rarely fully respect your criteria, they will often try to convince you to settle for less as long as you do. Even the closest people to you, are unlikely to be as honest as our matchmakers.
Many of us need help, whether on seeing things differently, reviewing some of the criteria, changing our look, being reassured or simply guided. Our experienced team is here to help you with anything that can make your dating more successful and confident.
Needless to mention that our matchmakers have a mission and achieving it involves raising awareness about anything that needs changing.

6. Our membership is designed to accommodate your time

Most of our members are very busy and need to switch off from dating sometimes, whether the reason is professional or personal. Therefore, we designed our membership to fit their needs and give them the opportunity to pause it for a period up to 6 months.

7. Quality is what we offer you, not quantity

Introducing you to someone every 3 days would be very easy, as we won’t have to do that much work, however, finding our members the best fit is our mission. We spend more time analysing profiles over and over again, in order to set you up on a date you will enjoy to the fullest.


If you are single and wish to know more about our membership, please visit our website and get in touch.