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7 Habits Most Healthy Couples Have

The happiest relationships are highly affected by every day’s habits. It takes two emotionally healthy and committed people to have a successful partnership.

1. Be a team

As a couple we face many challenges every day, at home, at work, with the kids, our health and so on. Counting on your partner to be a rock when needed will help you face difficulties better. It will also strengthen your relationship even more.


2. Never stop kissing

Unhealthy couples stop kissing once settled down together, without even realizing it, until this becomes a new habit. A bi-daily kiss is key to keeping your connection together. Of course, the more passionate the better.


3. Respect

Maintaining the respect you have for one another is of paramount importance. It is easy to lose it during an argument, or in stressful times. Make sure you weight your words and control your actions, even when angry, in order not to cross a line your couple will struggle recovering from.


4. Fight, but do it fairly

Keeping it all to yourself to avoid a fight is a bad idea. You will build frustration and disappointment, your partner might not feel it, especially if you are avoiding each other.
Voicing your problem calmly will allow you both to have an open conversation. Your partner will then have the chance to also share the way they feel and perhaps apologise if they did hurt you.


5. Spend quality time together

Being together everyday and spending every evening together is not enough. On the other hand, quality time does not mean going on a glamorous date or surprising your partner, but rather sharing a deep and intense moment with your partner. A good conversation, a walk or a movie you both love, could be the perfect way to spend a pleasant time together.


6. Tenderness

Physical contact is extremely important in every relationship; hug, cuddle, massage, hold hands, caress your partner as much as you feel like it. Having this sort of closeness will enhance your love for one another and take your relationship to another level.


7. Laugh together

Laughing is one of the nicest emotional expression a human being can express. Several studies have shown that laughing can be beneficial to your health and longevity.
Laughing with your partner will take away any pressure or stress you are feeling. We often see a quote that says ‘”Couples who laugh together, stay together”.
Therefore, our advice, laugh together, laugh at each other and always laugh more.