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6 Ways To Come Out stronger From Covid-19 Lockdown

Regardless of how sad this sanitary crisis is, how many cases and fatalities are up to date worldwide, we must remain sane and positive.
Otherwise we will be putting our mental health at stake! Imagine being locked in and depressed..
This article will hopefully help you make the most of your forced ‘’Me time’’

How about looking at it differently? Let’s be creative here and imagine that this is a forced holiday at home..okay with some work for most of us.
However, without commute, physical meetings, business lunches, dinners, social obligations, hectic travelling schedules and so on.
We have selected 6 tips to come out stronger and healthier from this lockdown.

1. Be grateful

Everyone of us should be grateful in these times and repeat it every time you feel down. Be grateful for having a comfortable home, friends and family you can speak to over the phone, an amazing access to technology that allows us to work remotely , learn, teach, communicate, relax, workout etc. Be grateful of being able to still go out to take some fresh air if needed and grocery shopping, be grateful for everything you have and never forget it especially in such confusing yet humbling times. If you are single without kids , You should be grateful for not having to deal with kids schooling at home, keeping them busy and sane, instead you have all this time to yourself.


2. Organise your time

Let’s say that you work eight hours a day on average, you sleep for another eight. You would then have 8 hours left each day. I personally find this absolutely amazing.
I do not think many of us have a quarter of that free time in our quietest weeks..
Make sure you organise your day properly, otherwise you might find yourself spending eight whole hours reading the news, watching TV and on social media.
We highly advice you to select all the books you want to read, online courses you want to take, some creative work perhaps, or other projects you would love to work on but have been lacking time in our hectic lifestyle.


3. Filter and limit your news intake

There is no need to be reading/watching news all day. Each aspect of the news will be drawn back to corona virus, whether it is the health system, financial markets, our whole economy etc. This is nor helpful nor always accurate! Naturally, this does not apply if you need to be wired on the news all day for work.
Word leaders have been giving daily briefings for the past few days. If you want to take a break from news and you should. Simply watch the news once a day, that shall include the daily brief in the evening. You will be up to date and won’t need to harass your mind constantly.


4. Workout

The last thing we want is a complete change of physical appearance after this lockdown. especially if you are single! Surely a lot of people will put on some weight and that’s okay. However, we must remain active. We have no excuses and are actually very lucky to have access to thousands of workouts online. Everything you want is there. Yoga, pilates, stretching. aerobics, we are even allowed to run outside as long as we respect the social distancing.
We need to learn to adapt and work around this crisis to remain healthy and fit no matter the circumstances. Most gyms and personal trainers, nutritionists are suggesting online sessions if you insist on sticking to your exact same routine.


5. Work on yourself

This is the perfect time to reflect and be honest with yourself. If you are single and would like to be with someone.
Ask yourself the questions that usually scare you or you tend to avoid.
Why are you single? What have you tried to meet someone? have you been narrow minded? Perhaps superficial in your criteria? Are you scared?
Ask yourself all these questions and reflect on them with honesty. This is your life, you deserve to live it at its best.
If you believe something in it is missing, work on it and understand where it comes from.


6. Meditate

Embrace spirituality. If this is something you usually do then great continue and perhaps meditate more.
If not, this will be an amazing time to start as you have plenty of time and silence!

We will write again weekly to help you go through these uncertain times.
We are in this together and we will be writing for the singles, the couples and families in the next coming weeks.
Stay safe, stay home, stay united! We will come out of this stronger.

A lot of Love!