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Award Winning Exclusive Matchmaking Agency Of The Year


“When it comes to love, I’m a great believer in destiny,”
says Amina Itchir, the glamorous founder of matchmaking agency Hera-Elite.
“But I also believe in giving it a helping hand where possible.”
Hera-Elite offers an exclusive tailored service to help high-net-worth
individuals (HNWIs) find their perfect life partner.
Offering access to society’s most eligible singletons,
Hera-Elite provides introductions and relationship coaching to guide
members through the experience, from the first date to a serious commitment.

Amina describes the service as an investment.
“You invest in property, art and your health – so why not your love life?” she asks.
“In many ways, it’s the most important thing to get right, as it pays the greatest dividends.”