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Love At First Sight

Many of us are hopeless romantics and fantasize of the moment we meet the love of our life and fall in love in a few seconds, while others are extremely cynical about it.

We are often confused about our feelings when we first meet someone, is it love? Is it lust? Or is it just an infatuation?

We have listed a few signs of love at first sight that can be quite exhilarating:

1. Sexual chemistry

We often wonder how is it possible to be strongly attracted to someone we just met. In this case, you barely spoke to each other, yet you find yourself dying to kiss them or having sexual thoughts about them.

2. Constant flirting

You laugh at their jokes even if you don’t find them funny. You could be highly distracted when flirting trying to please them and often end up saying or doing silly things. You will find yourself thinking “what did I just say?” ‘’why did I just do that?’’ and would hate yourself because you are usually a better flirt.

3. Higher heart beat

             According to several research reports, adrenaline and norepinephrine increase your heart beat. Your hands get sweatier and your pupils dilate because your nervous system’s sympathetic branch is simulated.

4. A change in the voice tone

This is a pretty obvious one when we are aware of it. When a woman has a crush or is flirting, her tone becomes softer highlighting her femininity. On the other hand, men’s tone tends to sound deeper and stronger highlighting their manliness.

5. Eye contact

If you find yourself staring at someone who is also staring at you, the probability of a strong mutual chemistry is very high. Some people can be shy and tend to take their eyes off their crush, but would stare again very quickly after, as they simply can’t control it.