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8 Common Mistakes That Might Ruin Your First Impression You Make

We have been working closely with Laetitia Tomasso on how to guide our members to avoid basic fashion mistakes. Laetitia is a Parisian born and London based celebrity fashion and personal stylist. A regular at London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

She regularly collaborates with leaders in the fashion and luxury industries including Burberry, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Luisa Spagnoli, Rodial, Matches Fashion, Joseph, Liberty, Dover Street Market, Moda Operandi, Quintessentially and many more.

1. The Office Outfit

Your job might be very exciting and keeping you very busy, to the point of not having the time to change for a date, getting ready for a date is far from being only about your physical appearance, but also the energy you put in your date.

Taking the time to get ready brings excitement and a positive attitude toward the evening you are about to spend. If you do not have the time, consider taking a 10-15 min for yourself by leaving the office behind and prepare yourself psychologically before heading to your date.

2. Take care of yourself

Not having a trimmed beard for men or being ‘’Au naturel’’ for women might attract many people, yet it does turn off many others. When you are single and seeking a partner, you cannot take such risks, as you might be attracted by the ones who can be turned off by the natural look.

Ladies make up is your best friend! You can be very natural; however, some concealer, a touch of blush and a lipstick can only make you look better. Manicures and pedicures are not a plus, but a must! Going on a date or even to a professional meeting, a social event without getting your nails done is unacceptable and you will be pointed and judged as society considers it is part of having a good hygiene.

Gentlemen, many women love the beard look. However, a too messy/long beard can make you look neglected or worse not very hygienic. Consider visiting your barber regularly, same if you have neck hair, consider a clean-up with your haircut.

3.Your old pair of jeans

We know that every man has a favourite pair of jeans, usually bought at least 5-10 ago or even worse during Uni days. Bad news for you gentlemen, they need to be thrown out without delay. The reason for that is mainly because you might come across as someone who is still stuck in a specific era of his life, and/or that era was the best. Whereas the best should always be yet to come.

Laetitia strongly advises you to include key current pieces in your timeless wardrobe, to communicate that you are in the actual era and do take care of yourself and image.

4. Weekend and travel wardrobe

Many people tend to focus on their professional or social wardrobe, which makes their weekend/ holiday outfits way too casual, repetitive and boring.

For example, if you have agreed to meet a new date for a quick coffee before your scheduled workout, avoid wearing active-wear! Putting efforts in your appearance shows that you are taking your date seriously and that you care for them!

Consider balancing your wardrobe by putting in more efforts while shopping for casual clothing.

5. Black isn’t the new black

Black is chic sure, but with moderation! you would be surprised to see how floral clothing or brighter colours might suit you. If you prefer dark colours consider a deep burgundy or a gorgeous emerald green. Of course, the little black dress will never be out of style, but exploring other colours can highlight your features and eye colour much better.

6. The devil is in the details

Old or unmatching lingerie, socks, boxers, are things we notice when we first start dating.

Let’s face it, grandma’s beige bra with a black panty is a huge turn-off. Even when you have been with someone for a while you should pay attention to those details, imagine when starting to date. Just like holes in socks or 10 years old boxers. You might think that it doesn’t really matter, but it does to more people than you can imagine.

Again, you are supposed to be in a seductive phase and all those little details are seduction killers. 

7. Clear the past and move forward

Give away to charity anything given by your ex-partner, wearing a shirt or a dress that you ex-partner has bought for you or particularly loved on you, keeps you from moving forward and will probably influence you into comparing your date. You could think ‘’my ex-bought me this shirt, she has great taste. My date has to like my look if she doesn’t then maybe she doesn’t have such a good taste’’

If your ex-partner picked your entire wardrobe, consider a total look over.

8. Leave your career at the office

You are a lot more than your career, we come across many wonderful people who have amazing careers and tend to forget who they are outside of the job. Learn to talk about yourself, your interests, aspirations etc. without mentioning work or career challenges, talk about your job when asked and do not give too many details unless your date is genuinely interested and fascinated by your field.

Laetitia strongly advises you to avoid the work wardrobe on dates, you will be able to highlight your personality traits with more ease.

We would like to thank Laeticia Tomasso for this wonderful collaboration. You can see more about her work, in her latest article with Fiona Golfar (Former editor at Large of British Vogue) featured in the Sunday