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6 Reasons You Should Date Someone From A Different Culture

Some of us love the cultural melting pot, others, would rather be with someone who shares the same culture and traditions.

We chose this topic this week, as we see many couples from different countries and cultures getting together are being very happy.

It’s probably much natural for people who are well travelled, who studied abroad from their native country to mix with other cultures. For instance, people who live in capitals or big cities are much more exposed to many cultures, nationalities and usually love it. Now, dating someone from a complete different culture can be challenging at first. However, we believe it is very enriching and interesting on many aspects.

1. A new language

You could learn a new language. The best way to learn or improve a language is dating someone who speaks it. You might not be interested in their language, but if you pick up at least some if it, it will make learning another language much easier. Your kids will be speaking more than one language as well.

2. Double festivities

Think about having more parties and more things to celebrate. Each country/religion has their own celebrations. If you combine the two, you will definitely have more going on. Of course, you do not have to celebrate it all, but being able to is fun.

3. A different cuisine

Whether yours or theirs is more exotic, it is amazing to be able to discover new cuisines, ways to cook, spices and different ways to combine ingredients. Surprising each other with a meal from your hometown, could be a very interesting experience if your cultures are completely different.

4. Your kids will have a double culture

What’s more amazing and exotic than kids with a double culture? Kids who can understand and speak at least two languages, hold two nationalities, understand the different cultures their parents have. Being open minded and seeing how two people from different countries, backgrounds, religion can love each other and respect one another’s culture and traditions.

5. Cultural awareness

If you are in a relationship with someone from a different culture, you become more aware of their traditions and beliefs. It will automatically open up your mind further and triggers your curiosity about other cultures. This is less likely to happen if you are with someone who shares the exact same culture/beliefs, traditions and so on.

6. You can learn new things from each other

It’s not all about a different language or festivities, cuisine and so on. It is also about cultural habits, different ways to host, greet even. For example, some cultures will kiss twice on the cheeks, others would hug, or touch their noises, etc. Many things can be completely opposite to what you know; you could learn new habits and teach your partner your ways, which will make the two of you culturally much richer and fulfilled.