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Is Your Comfort Zone Dangerous?

The answer is a big YES!

No matter what it is you feel in control of and comfortable in. There are four zones we should travel through in order to be happy and content.

The comfort zone, where we feel in control and safe doing only what we know, the fear zone, where we are afraid of other’s opinions, we lack self-confidence and we are the expert of excuses. Once we pass this challenging zone, comes the learning zone teaching us how to deal with new opportunities, learning new skills and extending our comfort zone. Finally, we reach the growth zone allowing us to grow, find our purpose in life, set new goals and live our dreams. 

Life is a lot more than just feeling safe and in control. Life is about experiencing, learning, dreaming, growing and bettering oneself. 

Here are the aspects of your life you might not be living fully because of your comfort zone. 

1. Your love life

You might be attached to someone, yet, they aren’t necessarily the person you should actually be with. Feeling comfortable with someone is good, however when you start feeling too comfortable and realise that you might be with them because you are scared of being alone, it is probably time to end this relationship. You might not be in love with them, but are reasured to have a companion, you fit in society and life is much easier this way. 

If you are single you could also be diving in a dangerous comfort zone feeling content with yourself, or more likely pretending to be content. Life is obviously easier when it is one person deciding what to do, how to do it, when, who with and so on. When we are involved with someone, we need to take them in consideration, we need to please them and more importantly make space in our life for them.

 The comfort zone is dangerous because we usually come up with valuable excuses such as, ‘’I don’t like to date!’’ Or ‘’I’m not ready to meet anyone.’’ Or even better; ‘’ I do not have time for a partner now. I am happy on my own.’’

All these excuses are either a protection mechanism, commitment issues, a lack of self-confidence and/or self-worth.

We highly advice and encourage you to get out of this comfort zone, fight any fear that you might have and learn to work on things that scare you in order to be happy and truly fulfilled.  

2. Your health 

Of course we are only talking about an aspect of your health you could have control over. If you have weight issues for exemple;  you need to do the work and be stronger and resilient. Whether you are trying to lose or put weight on, it requires motivation, discipline, hard work and consistency. None of these can be found in your comfort zone, you simply need to be aware of your situation and understand how you can get out of it. Seek help if needed. You will be surprised to see how much you can achieve, once you start facing your reality and working towards your goal. 

 3. Your career

How many people are unhappy at work? Yet, stay!

The pattern is unhealthy and we all know someone who is highly unhappy at work, complains constantly, yet, does nothing about it. 

It is much easier than you think to be happy at work. You do not like your industry? Change it! You do not like your boss? Go to your HR department and try working for a new manager. If this isn’t possible, resign and apply for a similar role in another company. You feel you are not learning anymore? Do something new and challenging. 

Some people are happy with one career, others might enjoy three or four careers in their lifetime. You need to feel happy and excited to go to work. If you do not, your personal and social life will ultimately be affected by your unhappiness at work and you life can become miserable because of your job. 

A very interesting and scary consequence is the relationship with alcohol or other addictive substances, of course, that depends on cultures and industries. 

In some industries one or a few drinks after work is tradition, but if you reflect on this very honesty, it is not healthy. Drinking weekly as a habit to talk or complain about your work, your boss, your colleagues in order to release pressure and stress only drags you down further. Instead of repeating this unhealthy pattern every week, take this time for yourself alone and reflect on how you can be happier! Find the courage and understand whether this is good for you, your health, your loved ones. If the answer is no, the ball is in your court to design your life better. 

We chose this inspiring quote by Karen Salmansohn to conclude this article:

‘’The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone’’