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6 Ways To Become More Patient While Dating

Being single when what you want more than anything in the world is to be in a relationship, is far from being easy. Even patient people could become impatient, it is often led by frustration and potentially a series of disappointments.

1. Enjoy your own company

In order to enjoy someone else’s company you need to be completely in tune with yourself. As a single person, you must have a lot of friends and activities to keep you busy and not so often alone. Being busy is a good thing, however, overloading your diary is not a good sign. You need to spend time with yourself and learn to embrace your relationship status.

2. Do not regret your past relationships

Getting closure is one thing, understanding why it ended and why it did not work, is a great thing. However, questioning how things would have been, or why it did not work is a great recipe for disaster. Know that some things are meant and others are not, also some relationships can be great, yet, not great enough to last. Think about your past in a positive way, talk and reassure yourself that better is coming for you. That way you can focus on the present and look forward to the future.

3. Work on yourself

If you have been hurt or single for a fair bit of time, there might be a chance you lost some of your confidence and became more rigid about how you see or want your life to be.

You need to bear in mind that you might fall in love with someone who sees things differently than you. In fact, you might fall for someone who is completely different than you on many aspects. Rest assured, you can be the most amazing couple, if you both have an open mind and acceptance. Do not miss out on someone wonderful, just because they do not fit the criteria you have in mind.

4. Never allow yourself to be cynical

Sometimes you can be upset, lose hope, have one too many deceptions and start being cynical. Cynical about yourself, your abilities to find someone, get someone to fall in love for you and so on. This an extremely vicious circle, as it can only drag you down and could make your situation worse with time. Cynical people could even come across as detached and very happy being single. When in reality, they are very sensitive about it. It is just a protection mechanism they put in place.

5. Open your mind

You can meet the one any time, anywhere. If you are open to it and believe in love. If by all means you find it difficult to meet someone in your work environment, social circles and so on, do not hesitate trying new things. A matchmaker is a good example. A friend or family member who is well connected, attending singles gatherings. Keeping your mind open is the idea here.

6. Timing is key

Sometimes it is all about timing, you could meet someone who you think is perfect for you. You might be very disappointed if things do not work out the way you wished they would, since everything seemed perfect. However, you need to take into consideration that the person might not be ready, or on the same page. If you think about your relationship beyond the feelings you both have for one another, you might realise that the timing is not perfect. Sometimes, it is all about that and you need to learn to respect it, embrace it and go with it rather than fight it.