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What Women Really Want

As broad as this topic might be, we have selected a few things women really want, need and expect when in a relationship, taking in consideration different generations, cultures and personalities.

If you ask a man what women want, he might get it all right. However, when it comes to giving women what they need, it becomes more complicated as men often focus on what they already give rather than what their lady really needs.

1. Emotional connection and presence

This is one of the most important connections women crave when they are romantically attached to someone. Women are known to talk a lot, on the other hand, men are known not to listen much. This is truly crucial in a successful union. Gentlemen, if your lady is talking to you, pay attention, listen and interact with her. You will be surprised to see how much smoother the conversation will flow, if you are a 100% focused with her.

2. Protection

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned physical features women are subconsciously attracted by, one of them is the body shape reassuring women that you will be protecting them. Protection is not just physical, you can protect a woman in so many ways. This is usually reflected by your personality, actions and the way you take care of her.

3. Communication

Men and women are known to communicate differently. Science has proven that women have better communication skills, perhaps because their brain is wired to take care of others. Communication is not just talking, but also reading between the lines, understanding social and emotional behaviours. You need to learn how to communicate with your lady or at least try to understand the way she communicates with you. Do not forget, women communicate to connect and if you are aiming for a good connection across the board in your relationship, communication is a golden step that should be taken very seriously.

4. Romance

Women love romance, romantic thoughts, gestures, surprises, actions. The more the merrier. Whether you should go for material gestures, fancy surprises or thoughtful small gifts, love letters, flowers and so on, is totally up to your taste and what you reckon will please your lady most. We believe a mixture is the best recipe for being romantic and fulfilling your partner.