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6 Features Women Can’t Resist In Men

After listing features men cannot resist in women last week, we have selected a few physical features women cannot resist in men. As we all know, women are way less into physical appearance than men are when first meeting someone. However, science has proven that women subconsciously look at specific features when attracted by a man.

1. Body shape

Rest assured, women do not look at your abs and shoulders to check if you have a six pack figure, actually, on the contrary, the way women first check out a male, is quite primal, they look at a fit figure in order to make sure the man is fit and healthy enough to protect them.

2. Your face

Eyes are very important to women, they need to have an eye contact to check if the gentleman transmits something out of it. Lips and smile are also crucial, teeth are checked out as well for hygienic purposes. Women are attracted by a clean and healthy male, as they picture him as the father of their children, therefore, they are subconsciously trying to check the gentlemen’s genes.

3. Your style matters

Unlike men, women are extremely difficult to impress in terms of style. They see details you did not even know existed. The material of your clothing is very important, how your clothes are ironed. If your top jacket’s top button is closed down when standing and so on. We suggest you make an extra effort when trying to seduce a woman, there is nothing sexier than a tailored outfit and a premium material.

4. Wear perfume

You might be surprised, but only 20% men wear fragrance on a daily basis, about 60% of them wear some occasionally, among these 60%, 40% declared having only one bottle of perfume at home that they use. Gentlemen, you must know that women love a man wearing perfume, they somehow can identify you and recognise your smell in the early stages of dating. If you are among the 60% wearing some occasionally, we suggest you do so when you are in the phase of seducing and attracting a woman.

5. Beard is sexy

In a study published by the Official Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society, researchers interviewed participants of both genders, the conclusion of this study is no surprise. Women declared finding a heavy stubble beard the most attractive, a full beard, the healthiest, as well as the most masculine look. On the other hand, no facial hair had absolutely no success among all participants.

6. Communication skills

A woman is able to spot your abilities to communicate before you even made contact. The way you communicate with your friends or strangers is good enough for her to understand your body language. If your communication skills are appealing to the lady, she will then perceive you as good enough to communicate with her and ultimately with your kids.