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7 Behaviours That Attract Men

Ladies, this week we have decided to guide you on how to attract men with seven golden tips. 

1. Your personality

Many women put a lot of effort on their physical appearance when going on a date or trying to attract a gentleman. We do think this is very important, however, your personality can be extremely appealing as well. Put it forward and be yourself, for example, do not pretend to be someone with a calm temperament when in reality you are fiery. They can actually be attracted by that side of you. If not, they will discover it sooner than you think and they might be annoyed that you tried to hide it. 

2. Do not act out 

Women tend to act with a superior behaviour in company of new men. This is usually a lack of confidence and perhaps a bit of stress due to the newness of the relationship. Unfortunately, all men are not psychotherapists who could analyse your cold behaviour. They can end the date or the relationship quicker than you can imagine, if they think you are an arrogant person. 

3. A good sense of humour 

Laughing at their jokes is a massive plus, an interesting  study in Evolution and Human Behaviour revealed that men are more attracted to women who are receptive to their sense of humour. On the other hand, not so much attracted to women who are trying to be funny… We might think this is a sexist behaviour, however, the same study has shown that women are also attracted to men making jokes and not so much into making men laugh.

4. Flirt 

Many women in the rush of settling down forget to flirt because they think they do not have the time, but rather need to build something serious very quickly. No matter your goal when starting this relationship, never forget that the seduction phase is precious and very exciting. It would be a shame to miss it and men tend to love it. You might scare a man if you are going too fast.

5. Show them interest (Genuinely)

Showing your date genuine interest is crucial, if you are not interested in their tales, try to be or at least be polite by listening to them. When a woman tells a story she expects full attention and even comments. The least we should give them, is the same attention when they are the ones talking. 

6. Take initiative

Women expect men to suggest, book, pick them up, drop them off and so on. Not all men, but some, love a woman who knows how to take a good initiative. Therefore, if you are a woman who likes to take charge, you should feel free to do so and suggest or even plan a date. 

7. Your appetite 

Yes ladies, your appetite. Pretending to eat like a bird when in reality you are a foodie who enjoys eating is unnecessary. Men won’t like you more, at the contrary. Several studies have proven that men are more attracted to women who have a healthy and loving relationship with food.