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5 Reasons Why Some Couples Fall Appart

After last week’s article listing five reasons why some couples are stronger as time goes on, we thought it would be interesting to explore and understand why other couples fall appart, struggle to recover and save their relationships.

1. Lack of trust

Trust is one of the most important components in a healthy relationship. When there is trust between two people, life is usually easier as they can count on one another. Trusting your partner is not just about them being faithful to you, but also about decisions they might make on your behalf. Trusting your partner with your life is a good question you should ask yourself, if you do not, then you might need to dig deeper in order to understand why you do not trust them.

2. Cheating

Cheating on someone is a way of disrespecting and resenting them, whether it meant something or as many claim “It did not mean anything.” being intimate with someone else than your partner is a sign that you are ready to risk, destroy and weaken your relationship. The cheater is often insecure and trying to feel better or get reassurance about themselves or their sexuality. They can also be sexually or emotionally frustrated in their relationship and tend to look for what they are missing elsewhere.

On the other hand, the one who has been cheated on, is often perceived as the victim, which is the least we can say at first. However, choosing to stay in this relationship is also a very insecure and desperate behaviour. If you are cheated on and do not stand up for your self-esteem and beliefs for whatever reason that might be, not only you are encouraging your partner to keep on cheating on you, but also destroying your mariage by letting this happen.

3. Disrespect

Disrespect can be expressed in many forms; verbally, physically or psychologically.

Sometimes it is difficult to realise that your partner is disrespecting you, since you might be used to it. They also might convince you that it is your fault, or that you are the one who provoked them. No matter what their excuse might be at the time, you need to know that their actions have absolutely nothing to do with you. If your partner is not able to communicate with you and fix an issue without disrespecting you, then you should be alarmed.

4. Possessiveness

As much as this factor might be appealing at first, there are limits not to go beyond. Controlling your partner’s relationships, diary and life is not healthy and will potentially push them to distance themselves from you or worse stop sharing much with you.

 5. Being Self-centred

Me, me and me way of living is not very attractive… Being selfish and self-centred is the perfect recipe to end up alone. You can of course take care of yourself, listen to your needs and do whatever makes you happy. However, when you are with someone, you do need to take them in consideration. It’s not all about you and your lifestyle anymore, your partner needs to be heard as well and you will need to compromise and think of their needs as much as you think of yours. Merge the two and you will find a comfortable balance, if not, the two of you have high chances of being miserable and falling appart. 

The reason we have decided to follow up with these five points after last week’s article, is to reassure anyone who went through a breakup because of the following reasons. As well as raising awareness about unhealthy relationships.