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8 Tips To Succeed A First Date

Our approach is fairly old school regarding gender roles in dating. Therefore this article will be exclusively for gentlemen.

Ladies not to worry, you will also have an article full of tips just for you in a couple of weeks.

1. Give her notice

You might spontaneously want to see the lady, however suggesting a date on the same day or giving little notice is not very appealing to ladies in general. Always allow at least three days notice, a lady going on a first date needs some time and often a few appointments such as a beautician/hairdresser, shopping and so on.

2. Pick her up/drop her back

Suggesting picking up a lady you are taking out is very chivalrous and women love the gesture, getting her home safely after the date is also good. If you are at a walking distance from her place, suggest walking instead of driving or taking a cab. However, your date might not accept the offer as you do not know each other yet. Do not insist, offering once is more than enough and the lady will remember the gesture even if she did not accept.

3. Drinks or Dinner?

We suggest you invite your date for a drink on the first date, you never know how well you can connect, a two hours dinner might feel very long if there isn’t any chemistry. However, booking a table for dinner close by or at the same place you are meeting for drinks is a smart move. It will show that you are organised and were planning on spending more time with your date.

4. Take charge by planning

If you invite your date out for dinner, do not ask your date which area she would like to dine in or worse which restaurant. Suggest to her a few areas that would be convenient for both of you and give her the option, rather than expecting her to pick the restaurant, simply ask her which cuisine she prefers instead and pick accordingly.

5. The bill

The classiest way is to pay the bill without your date even noticing you did. If you ask for the bill make sure your date does not see the amount. Avoid spending minutes reviewing it either, as it can be uncomfortable for the lady.

6. Kissing

This one is personal; generally speaking if a lady wants you to kiss her she will send you signals, share personal information, she will flirt back and be overly attentive to your tales.

If your rule is to systematically kiss after a first or second date, lose it! Some women like to reflect their date with you, others are shy and could perceive you as overly aggressive.

7. Call rather than text

Texting is everything but personal. Of course you can text but when you start dating someone, pick up your phone and give her a call asking how her day is going, or to say that you are thinking of her.

Listening to each other’s voice, emotions and laughter will create a much quicker bond and make it a lot more personal.

8. Manners

Not everyone has been educated formally on how to treat a lady, it is never too late to learn.

Always open the door, not just to your date but to other women as well, walk first when entering a restaurant, that way you announce that the lady is with you. Walk first when going down the stairs, if she slips on her heels you can catch her.