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5 Ways To Awaken Your Sensuality

1. Feel sensual and sexy

The first step is how you feel about yourself and your body, before seducing someone you need to love and seduce yourself.

If you don’t like your body for whatever reason, make sure you do everything necessary to change what you wish was different, lose/gain weight, workout, rest, or work on embracing your body the way it is. Only you can change what makes you feel insecure. If you feel sensual, people will find you more attractive.

2. Slow down

In all aspects of your life, hurrying is stressful, being pressured to rush constantly whether it is eating your lunch in 10 min or not having enough time for yourself, fight it. Smile at someone you find attractive instead of just walking away, take a moment to appreciate your favourite weather or colour. It can be anything, get lost in thoughts that make you happy. Just allow yourself to slow down and take a moment with yourself.

3. Workout

You are more likely to feel far more alive after a good workout, and far more in tune with your body, appreciating your ability to take care of yourself and working to achieve any goal you might have is a powerful feeling.

4. Dance

You could stand in front of a mirror and let the energy of the music come up through you, it will help you let go completely and be in tune with your sensual self.

Close your eyes and let this energy fill you with sensual bliss within. You will feel much more relaxed and your edges will disappear.

5. Ladies, wear heels

For many women it is not comfortable, others find it tiring or too difficult to walk on them. A study in the Archives of sexual behaviour reveals that a woman who stands in the street and asks passing men for help in filling a survey will get more positive responses if she’s wearing heels than flats. The author Nicolas Guerguen said that a women’s heel size “exerts a powerful effect on men’s behaviour’’ however, he was unsure why this should be happening, but suggested that the over-association of high heels with women’s sexiness and could lead men to misinterpret the sexual intent of women with high heels.