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How To Succeed A First Date

A first date is not all excitement and joy for everyone. Some people are not used to dating, others might not enjoy it at all, some are allergic to dating; while others might love it, yet tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves to please the other person and make sure the date goes well. Some single people might be unexpectedly comfortable. however, sometimes, the reason for this is because they are cynical and pessimistic about where this would go, perhaps a protection mechanism for whatever reason that might be.

1. Leave the past behind you

forget your past, do not thing about the future, live in the present moment and cherish it. Comparing your date with your ex will most likely kill any seduction moment you might be having. Dreaming about the past or not accepting a situation is a form of denial, many people need to go through that before they can move on. Understand where you stand before going on a date and it will go smoother than you think.

2. Be open-minded

Even if your date is not totally what you have expected or wished for, learn to be open-minded and accept the fact that people can be different; yet compatible with you. Your soul-mate might be your complete opposite.

3. Pick the right place for a first date

An overly crowded place, where you can’t hear each other is a success for disaster. Same for very large tables, often found in trendy restaurants and bars where you feel like you are sitting in a meeting room. As nice as the place might be, if the setting limits your proximity with your date, then you might reconsider the venue and opt for a place where you have a better opportunity to be closer.

4. Know what you are looking for

Why are you dating? Are you looking for a serious commitment? Not sure? Wanting to take it easy for now? Whatever your agenda is, you must know it and be comfortable with it before going on a date. This doesn’t mean you should pressure your date with these questions, go with the flow and be true to yourself, as well as to your date about what it is that you are looking for.

5. Relax and enjoy the moment

Learn to relax and enjoy the present moment. You might be nervous, excited, not sure where this would lead and so on, the only thing you should be doing is being yourself and getting to know someone new; what happens afte is irrelevant. If you are having a good time, chances you meet again are high, if not, then you shouldn’t even be thinking about it.

6. Be confident and follow-up

Don’t play games, life is too short. If you had a good time, say it; if you would like to see this person again, invite them out; if they say no,  then fair enough at least you won’t waste your time and can move on to the next date.