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What Men Really Want

Let’s face it men are simple creatures, it is actually a very good thing since women are a tad more complicated…

Imagine if men and women functioned the exact same way! It would probably be easier on some aspects and a lot more complicated on others. We have selected a few things men really want and need when in a relationship. 

1. Understanding and support

Men can be busy and sometimes disorganised, especially when they start dating. Therefore, making time for the new person in their lives is not that easy and natural. Especially if they have been single for a long period of time. What they need is someone who understands that they need time to adapt. Someone who supports them in their career, life choices and who pushes them forward. As beautifully quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt “Behind every great man there is a great woman’’.

2. Affection and kindness

A very broad study that took in consideration about 37 countries, including thousands of people, has shown that kindness was one of the most important qualities people looked for in a partner. For younger men it was not the first quality, however, for men in their late 30s and older it was definitely one of the most important quality they searched for. Let’s not forget boys are close to their mothers, seeking their love and affection, when growing up, they look for that affection and care their mother used to give them.

3. Sex

One of a few primal needs men can’t live without! Men are sexual and need regular sex. Perhaps more than women! Women on the other hand, make more effort to seduce their partners. Therefore, we advise every woman to keep these efforts going. Whether these are games, sensual surprises or for very busy ladies a sex schedule to help you remember that your sex life cannot be neglected. A true fact is that men can have sex under all circumstances, even with a flu, a man will unlikely turn down sex.

4. Food 

Men love food! Whether they can cook or not, they will appreciate anything related to food. Some men don’t know how to fry an egg. If you are dating this type, it is easy to make them happy. Others do cook and can be amazing at it. However, since they know it is effort and time consuming, they will also appreciate being taken care of! Ladies rest assured, even if you are not a good cook, the effort of trying is more than enough and your man will appreciate it very much. 

5. Patience

A word we women tend to struggle with. Of course, some of us are very patient, however, we tend to be impatient and men tend to dislike it! Whatever you are trying to get from a man, give them time. Show them you are willing to compromise by waiting. That is to a point of course and each case is different. Some men need to be pressured, others simply need more time to give you what you expect from them.