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6 Tips To Drive Your Lady Crazy In Bed

Gentlemen, as promised this week is full of tips for you to seduce your lady and spice up your sexual routine.

1. Talk the talk

That is of course, if you enjoy talking during intercourse, women love to be guided by your sexy voice and listen to your fantasised tales. Some women would confidently and sensually talk back or even initiate the talk if they are into it. However, do not be fooled, a woman who doesn’t talk back is not necessarily not into you talking, but rather just not a talker in bed… so keep going unless you are told not to! As you must know, women struggle to keep things they don’t enjoy for themselves!

2. Buy lingerie!

Yes, gentlemen the lingerie that drives you crazy when you see your lady wearing it. Women do not expect you to buy lingerie every week, but doing it from time to time is extremely sexy and will turn your lady on massively. Not only you learn to pick what suits her best, but also discover while browsing, what type of lingerie turns you on most and perhaps you can give new ideas to your lady.

3. Women also enjoy receiving oral sex

Men are far more comfortable complaining and claiming more or less things sexually. Women on the other hand, are still shy about voicing some things, such as oral sex, some men enjoy it, others do not. One thing for sure is that not many men would be happy without receiving it. If you are a receiver, learn to give back and understand how to do it, if you reckon she is not really enjoying it. Know that stimulating the clitoris, is probably the easiest way for most women to have an orgasm. Several studies have shown that 7 women out of 10 orgasmed through a clitoral stimulation.

4. Understand orgasms

Orgasms are very difficult to understand and research. There are a few types, the most common ones are clitoral and vaginal orgasms. You might be surprised by the others, some can occur while we sleep, others while we workout, using weight training or when we are focusing on abdominal workouts, partly due to stimulated muscles that are close to our genitals.

The idea is to understand how to make your lady orgasm. Some women do not even know what it feels like, some would have different types of orgasms stimulating different areas such as breasts or the G spot. We suggest you educate yourself about it, talk freely with your partner about what they might be most sensitive to, what they know about they body and how to best stimulate it.

5. Foreplay always works

Women love anything to do with foreplay, teasing, playing, sexual game boards, role-play, you name it! Be creative, surprise her and think outside the box. Putting in an effort to create more playfulness will thrill your lady, as it is usually women initiating these sort of foreplays.

6. Eye contact is powerful

Sex while you look at your partner in the eyes is extremely intense, women do love intimate sex more than anything you put on the table.

Looking her in the eyes, kissing her while you make love to her will make everything so much more passionate and will surely get you closer to one another every time.