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6 Impressive Facts About Happiness

1. Happiness brings success

We might think that success makes us happy, at the contrary, it is by being happy that we are successful; certainly not the other way around. Not just professionally but also in our relationships, social life and health.

A happy person is naturally confident, full of life, energy and optimism, therefore, has more chances to succeed in life.

2. Certain foods make you happy and some others make you miserable

Several studies have shown that some foods make you happy or happier when you are sad. Ice cream is a good exemple, studied by Neuroscientists from the Institute of Psychiatry in London who discovered that people indulging in ice cream had an immediate effect on parts of the brain that activate when people enjoy themselves. On the other hand, eating junk food has been proven by several studies to make you miserable, more likely depressed and single.

3. Pets make you happy

Having a pet is known to bring a lot of happiness, several studies have found that when we are around animals, our brain releases oxytocin. Known also as the “cuddle hormone”, oxytocin instantly gives us feelings of happiness and contentment, while also lowering blood pressure and reducing stress levels. Having a pet keeps you fit as most pets need daily exercice, they also make sure you are never lonely and improve your immune system as well as your children’s. According to Allen McConnell, university professor at Miami University’s Department of Psychology, the difference between canine and feline is non existent. As long as the owners humanises the pets and consider them part of their life, it is then irelevant whether the pet is a dog, cat, reptile, etc.

4. Your happiness also depends on your sex life

This should not come as a surprise, not only sexual intercourse releases a few hormones such as oxytocin, vasopressin, norepinephrine and serotonin but also creates a stronger bond between the partners. Researchers have found that couples who had sex once a week optimised their happiness. On the other hand, having sex more than once a week won’t necessarily make you happier. However, couples who reported having sex less than once a week admitted they were not in a happy place.

5. Fake it until you make it

Yes, you can fake happiness; science have proven that by faking it you work on being happy, happiness is a habit, an emotional workout. Some unhappy people tend to dwell on why they are not happy. They even try to find reasons why they are not, in order to justify their unhappiness to themselves, just like they needed self-approval to encourage their current state of mind. Instead, we highly encourage you to pretend being happy, see the good in everything, even in the most difficult moments. You will then become positive and optimistic and happiness will be part of your everyday life.

6. Learn to enjoy the free things in life

We often see the sentence money can’t buy happiness, or money does buy happiness… Certainly a debate with mixed opinions. Whether money makes you happier or not, you should learn to be happy with not much. The smell of flowers, a walk in nature, a book that lifts your spirit, a song that reminds you good memories. Learn to use your senses and appreciate the most beautiful things we have access to, such as the sky, the sun, the moon, the starts, the sea and so much more.