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7 Behaviours That Attract Women

Gentlemen, after having given ladies seven golden tips on what attracts you most, here are seven behaviours we believe women are attracted and seduced by.  

1. Chivalry 

We understand that you must be confused nowadays with women wanting equality across the board…feminism waves and so on. However, chivalry has absolutely nothing to do with that. You, opening the doors or pulling her chair will be very well received and appreciated. 

2. Confidence 

A man who lacks confidence is a massive turn off. Women love a confident behaviour, a man who knows who he is and who is confident with himself, life choices as well as aspirations. Women also love a man who takes charge, initiative and who has it all taken care of. 

3. Ambition 

No matter what you do for a living or your role in society; whether you are in politics, arts, or working in a charitable field, ambition is very much looked up to by women. We tend to trust an ambitious man more, we might think this is mostly for financial reasons, but isn’t. An ambitious man works hard to obtain stability for himself and his family. Therefore, he is someone we can trust and invest ourselves into building something serious with. 

4. Attentiveness 

Being attentive is crucial, not just when she is sharing a tale with you or how her day went, but also generally about her needs and what makes her happy. Even if she does not mention it, you can be certain that your lady will notice that you are being attentive and will appreciate it very much. 

5. Spontaneity

Women are usually less comfortable than men with routine, life gets busy and men tend to feel more and more comfortable at home. Breaking that routine from time to time, by booking a table in a romantic restaurant or even better a getaway, can surprise your lady in a delightful way. 

6. Sense of humour 

A good sense of humour is very important to say the least. It is actually backed by science that women are way more attracted to men who are able to make them laugh. We found a very interesting study repeated about 60 times in a bar, with 3 men having a drink nearby a women’s table, in this study one of the gentlemen was supposed to make a joke to his friends, before heading to the ladies table to ask for their phone number. This study has shown that women only gave their phone number to the man who was making the joke and not to the joke receivers. 

7. Playfulness

Women love foreplay and taking the time for some sensual and intimate moments, role-play is also something many women would enjoy. Besides the bedroom playfulness, we encourage gentlemen to be more playful in everyday life, you could tease her the way you believe she will react to the most. Not only it will refresh your routine but also create a particular and close bond between the two of you.