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7 Tips To Turn Dating Into A Relationship

When we are dating we could just be doing it for fun, or seeking a serious relationship.

The attitude of one while dating should be different depending on the agenda. Therefore this week we will share with you seven tips that will help your new relationship become a serious commitment.

1. Day dates

When we start dating, we often tend to organise meeting over drinks, dinners and cultural activities such as the opera, theatre and so on, these are usually evening plans. Looking glamorous or sharp is very important and does create a strong attraction. However, we are not dressed in a gown or a tuxedo every day. Therefore we suggest you don’t underestimate the closeness a day date could create. You could go for a morning walk in the park, a lunch date or an afternoon exhibition.

2. Your past relationships should stay in the past

Mentioning your ex or worse comparing, even if you do not voice it, will for sure change the atmosphere and bother your date. No one wants to be compared or hear memories you shared with someone else.

3. Don’t put on an act

You could choose to be mysterious when you start dating, this does not mean being totally closed off, or worse pretend to have personality traits that you don’t actually have. Often, we do that when we are scared to commit, that way, we don’t reveal who we truly are in order not to get the date to the next level.

4. Stop texting

Texting all day, every day, is not good enough, calling is so much more personal.

Hearing someone’s voice, laugh and emotions creates a stronger bond. You could of course text, but try to introduce this way of communicating in the early stage of dating.

5. Agree to disagree

We all have different opinions, learning to respect your partner’s views is a form of respect. Agreeing not to argue about issues that can difficultly be solved is mature and your relationship will benefit from it. Unless of course these opinions are important for the future such as political, religious views, or worse values and principles.

6. Pay attention to your attitude

We spend a lot of time paying attention to how our partner behaves, particularly when we are not happy with something they have done or missed. Sometimes taking a step back and realising how we behave, is exactly what we need, before dealing with the issue. If your partner is patient with you when you are in a bad mood, consider taking a step back. Take the time to understand what is going on with them before starting an argument

7. Cuddle

In the beginning of a relationship many tend to hold themselves back, some could think ‘If I show too much affection, they might not be receptive, or I might scare them off’. If your date is into you they will always be receptive and would love the fact that you are able to show your affection, especially if they are shy to do so. Science has proven many benefits of cuddling daily.