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7 Tips On How To Sexually Tease Your Partner

1. Sext as much as you can

In the beginning of a relationship sexting should be natural since you are not seeing your partner every day. Therefore not having sexual intercourse every day, when you start seeing each other more often, live together and so on, try and keep the sexting going. It will turn you both on and enhance your sex life.

2. Public places

You could start with the restaurant, teasing your partner under the table could be a massive turn on, on the plane, or somewhere where the atmosphere is particularly uptight such as the opera or theatre.

3. Sexual flirting

You could be at a family gathering, a business dinner and use specific words or expressions, that come out as normal to others. Only your partner would understand the sexual intention behind it.

4. Tease your partner and don’t conclude (for a while)

You could basically do anything you wish, whether kiss him passionately and leave or start sexual preliminary and lock yourself in another room. You could tell your partner that they are not allowed to touch you when they get home, until you decide they can and welcome them with the most sexual outfit your wardrobe stores.

5. Massage all the way

A massage sounds more relaxing and sensual, rather than teasing and sexual. However, a massage with the right oil can make the difference. For instance a sophisticated idea could be a sensual massage candle, take control over the massage and make it as long as possible stimulating the whole body.

6. Role-play

This does not necessarily mean dressing up as a nurse or a fireman, use your imagination and go beyond your limits if you dare. You could pretend to be someone else without having to fancy dress-up, or reverse roles of domination.

7. Let’s play with toys

Many people think of sex toys as ‘’a vibrator’’, the range of toys is much bigger than this, you could play with handcuffs, vibrating rings, a lube that tastes like your favourite cocktail. If you have already explored these, you could always adventure yourself into a more elaborated range of toys.