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How To Get Intimate With Intimacy?

Many couples look perfectly happy and close from the outside, however unfortunately it is not always the case when you get into their intimacy.

Intimacy should include exposure, responsiveness, listening with sensivity and care, physical closeness as well as being a team.

What are the different types of intimacy?

1. Emotional intimacy

Trust is the first step to a successful relationship, emotional intimacy requires a high level of transparency and openness. Conversation is a key point in every emotional intimate relationship.

Many specialists suggest that talking about problems as soon as they arise is wise to continue emotional intimacy. Being honest, expressing appreciation, and daily communication also helps keeping a stable emotional bond.

2.Intellectual intimacy

Cognitive or intellectual intimacy is about two people exchanging thoughts, sharing ideas, building or even just thinking of potential projects for the future. If a couple manages to do this in an open and comfortable way, they can become quite intimate in an intellectual area.

3. Social and recreational intimacy

This sort of intimacy can be an issue for many couples, if they are not into the same recreational activities, it can cause frustration or boredom for the partner making the effort to please the other. Being able to enjoy similar social events/activities, is actually very important for a couple to succeed and be happy together. Having fun with your partner is essential.

If you do not have much in common, you can always explore new things together and discover what the two of you might enjoy.

4. Sexual intimacy

Many people consider having sex with their partner on a regular basic being sexually intimate, when in reality it is much deeper than that. Some people can be shy to voice a particular desire, others do not necessarily enjoy some of the practices, yet keep it for themselves not to disappoint their partner.

Being sexually intimate involves understanding your partner’s needs, talking about sex and fantasies of all sorts, as well as anything you are not comfortable with. Some couples are lucky as they can sense what their partner needs are, or share the same needs, while others need to communicate openly about it.

We advise couples to share their sexual thoughts as much as possible, as it will improve their sexual intimacy as well as strengthen the whole relationship.