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7 Golden Dating Rules

1. Being your honest self 

The first rule in the dating world should be honesty, the key is to establish a connection with the other person and be happy around them.
It is important to speak your mind so you both maintain a stable and honest relationship.

2. Being in a balanced relationship is key 

A relationship should never be only driven by you, and if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are constantly chasing the other person,it will surely frustrate you. You should review the relationship and discuss it with your partner in order to improve it and raise awareness on your frustration.

3. Getting hurt is OK

Everyone get their heart broken at least once in their lifetime. It is not an easy experience, yet it helps you grow and by learning form

your past mistakes and experiences you better and ready yourself for your next relationship.

4. Hurting someone is also OK

The last thing you should be doing is forcing yourself to stay in a relationship just because you’re afraid to hurt the other person’s feeling

or worse pity them. Faking a relationship you are not comfortable in is far from being healthy and will ultimately end.

5. Getting wise advice from loved ones 

Listening to your loved ones about your love life is often annoying, their input is usually perceived as intrusive especially if they are voicing a concern.

However you need to remember that they are the people who care the most about your ultimate happiness.

Being in a new relationship can easily blind you from the reality of the situation you are in. Therefore, we suggest you hear out their reality check.

6.Making your own decisions 

Your commitment to someone should always be your choice. Listening to your heart is very important.

Taking loved ones advice is one thing yet the decision should be yours. Making your own decisions is key to a successful dating experience.

7. Enjoying oneself 

This is our favorite part, dating should be nothing but fun and excitement. You will surely go through arguments with your significant other, and that is natural.

However the beginning of a relationship should be focused on getting to know one another, in order to create a stronger bond from the connection between the two of you.